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Diversity Healthcare. Dedicated healthcare care clinic for patients 18 and older, specializing in men’s health and LGBTQIA+ services.

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Adult Health Care

Our mission

We provide comprehensive patient centered healthcare in Haines City, Fl. People who come to Diversity Healthcare can expect polite, friendly, helpful staff members who relate to each person as an individual, recognizing their history, relationships, culture, sexual identity, and specific individual needs..

or, call us (863) 419-4422

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting new patients?
Yes. We welcome ages 18 and older.
Do you accept insurance?
No. You can view our self-pay fees for office visits here.
Is this a testosterone clinic?
No. We are a comprehensive primary care clinic specializing in men's health and LGBTQIA+ adults. In some cases testosterone may be necessary in the patients overall treatment plan. We are here for you.
Is this a "concierge practice," requiring a membership fee or subscription?
No. There is no membership fee. You can view our self-pay fees for office visits here.
Adult Primary Care

We are here for you

  • Dedicated men's health primary care clinic for patients 18 and older
  • Not a chain; not franchise
  • Real-time online scheduling
  • See the same provider every time

or, call us (863) 419-4422

Our staff

Our experienced team is ready to serve you at Diveristy Healthcare.

We proudly serve the entirety of Polk County, Florida

Providing comprehensive patient centered healthcare

or, call us (863) 419-4422